Saturday, March 20, 2010

Luxor Egypt 5.30 in the morning

I got up very early this morning no real reason as I was making a cup of tea, I noticed the sky was a pink glow, got dressed to take some photos as always from my roof balcony problem is we are not the highest house in this area , the shots are restricted to one area and always have the new belfry towers of the new build Church or the mosque minaret in the view, so went back to get dressed to go out. to take shots from near the Nile. so today I am going to show you what I saw of God's amazing creation, because I feel he woke me up especially to see it,
the view on leaving my home. with the new dig Avenue of the sphinx on my right.

looking back again as I decided I was going on the Nile River Itself if the ferry boat was waiting.

And another shot of the sky back to my home and over the Temple of Luxor  sun rise will be to the left in the next but one frame..

and again the same shot but half way across the Nile

A full view with my pocket olympus camera. 
and again  after landing on the west Bank.   before I got in a minibus to my destination  I had decided to go to see my friend at the Temple of Medinet Habu,    see all the photos   and what is Medinet Habu.

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Kcalpesh said...

These are really beautiful views! Super series of photos!

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PRKL said...

great vistas, light and pics. happy swf! :)