Friday, May 28, 2010

Not all is black and white

looking across the Nile  with the Temple of Luxor in the foreground. such a dull day almost looks  like the shot is in black and white,
  this is black and white 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

where has the sky gone , just making sure its still there.

Its a very dull day its about 38c  and every thing is getting a dusting. even the sweat catches the dust.
yesterday evening moon  even that had a haze 
 And seeing there is nothing to see  further than 200 yards,  I just captured one of the most annoying habits  the male have here in Egypt. Its what my wife calls just making sure its still there,
No matter where they are the have to make sure its still there. this guy is one of the local papyrus,  or pretend papyrus touts  that the police  deem to see fit and  let loose  amongst the tourists leaving the Luxor Temple .
 there is a Chinese proverb that says,
Man with hands in pocket feel cocky all day.
Here in Egypt  they do it in the open,


Sunday, May 23, 2010

6.30 24th May 2010

The sky  above the Nile at 7.00  25 may 2010
25th may moon  almost full
Balloon  behind the Obolisk of Luxor temple  Egypt

Sky watch sunday luxor Egypt

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunrise above the clouds

Sunrise above the clouds
This photo was taken in 2003 over the mediterainian sea heading for Luxor Egypt,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kestrel is back

As I prepared the camera for today's sky watch photos  I had a rare view of the Kestrel  it seems it is one of this years hatch it flew  into the hole where it was hatched long gone are its parents.  rather than put these 2 shots on birding in egypt blog  i will leave them on here for a few days  .the parents are on this link
Click on to enlarge 
15 th may sunset 

 16 th May  sunset  I hardly saw the moon  it was so small then got a shot when the sun set behind the Valley of the Queens mountain Range .The Horn,( El Gurna)

you can just about see the moon in this shot 

 Thats it from Sky watch Egypt for this week  unless we get a sky worth shooting,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Two photo shop pics

Two pics I have made up for my blog headers  1st 3 shots  from May the 1st photos made into one   click on photos for full screen,
5 photos on one. the camel photo was taken in 2002 on my first visit to Egypt, and is the  loggo for

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chamsin weather

G41 G1 Aa1
O1 O29
A50 s Z4
G7 N35 C11 Z2
M4 M4 M4 t
O1 O1
G7 S34 U28 s D2
R14 t
N23 Z1
R19 t
 Hieroglyphs for the Valley of the Kings.

This weather is mentioned on the tablets found in the village of the workers. those who work on the pharaohs tombs rather than trek back from the Valley of the kings over the mountain built a small village on the  plateau
 above the VOK to stay overnight, during the chamsin weather,( winds) today people use this path for pleasure it takes almost 2 hours to trek from   Dier El Medinet     to The  Wadi Maluk.   
Photo taken from my blog
The path splits  leading to the Vok  and Hapshepsut Temple  my site has many photos of both these 18th dynasty places. built for the Pharaos,