Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kestrel is back

As I prepared the camera for today's sky watch photos  I had a rare view of the Kestrel  it seems it is one of this years hatch it flew  into the hole where it was hatched long gone are its parents.  rather than put these 2 shots on birding in egypt blog  i will leave them on here for a few days  .the parents are on this link
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15 th may sunset 

 16 th May  sunset  I hardly saw the moon  it was so small then got a shot when the sun set behind the Valley of the Queens mountain Range .The Horn,( El Gurna)

you can just about see the moon in this shot 

 Thats it from Sky watch Egypt for this week  unless we get a sky worth shooting,

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Ginnymo said...

That's great! You get to watch that beautiful bird! Always love your moon shots and sunset photos Tony!! Take care. Have a great week!