Thursday, May 27, 2010

where has the sky gone , just making sure its still there.

Its a very dull day its about 38c  and every thing is getting a dusting. even the sweat catches the dust.
yesterday evening moon  even that had a haze 
 And seeing there is nothing to see  further than 200 yards,  I just captured one of the most annoying habits  the male have here in Egypt. Its what my wife calls just making sure its still there,
No matter where they are the have to make sure its still there. this guy is one of the local papyrus,  or pretend papyrus touts  that the police  deem to see fit and  let loose  amongst the tourists leaving the Luxor Temple .
 there is a Chinese proverb that says,
Man with hands in pocket feel cocky all day.
Here in Egypt  they do it in the open,


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